About Us

About Us

We're ready to quilt!

Longarm Quilting Club

Join our longarm quilting club. The cost is $150.00 plus HST. This gives you a three hour training session, then you may rent the machine whenever you want, at $25.00 per hour.

T-shirt Quilts

Do you have a collection of T-shirts, and no time to deal with them? Bring them to us, and we'll return to you, a completed quilt. Twelve T-shirts will make a lovely double sized quilt! The cost is $35.00 per shirt, with a minimum of 9 T-shirts.

Don't have time? We will quilt your quilt for you.

Edge to Edge designs only. Bring your quilt top in for a quote.

How it happened!

PatchesMothers' Fabric (with the help of Patches) opened in October of 2005 with about 500 bolts of fabric and a few notions. Now, there are about 3000 bolts to choose from, the newest patterns, books, stencils, cutters, thread, kits, and more! We are open five days a week. We will be offering classes as soon as the lower level class area is made beautiful. We're working on it!

In 1991, my mother and I signed up for a six week course at Georgian College in Owen Sound. The instructor was a local quilter, Eleanor Griffith and the quilt top was Eleanor Burns' log cabin. So you could say that the two Eleanor's were the cause of my quilting addiction.

Of course, the fabric store needed a name. Wendy's Fabric might have made sense, but we had spent sixteen years answering the phone, 'Wendy's Flowers' - so I thought something different was in order. I thought about quilters in general and came to the conclusion that most quilters are usually (but not always) women. Also, we all have Grandma's old quilt, or maybe Mom still has it and we can only hope that someday it shall be ours. In our store we have my mother in law's dining room table (it's too big for our house). So, as a tribute to all mothers, Mothers' Fabric (plural) was named.

About Us