Mothers’ Fabric News, Events & Tips

Ag Society Quilt Show

Ag Society Quilt Show

We are pleased to announce a successful 11th year for Mother's Fabric Quilt Show at the traditional Wiarton annual Agricultural Fall Fair. 60 Quilt Contest Entrances and Over 260 votes WOW!! and a lot of fun!! Winner for 2019 : Shirley Mae Weir

Full Moon Sales

Full Moon Sales

Find out what's on sale every month at Mother's Fabric. December Full Moon Sale: Wednesday, December 11th    One day only.....all things CHRISTMAS will be HALF PRICE!     As always when we have a sale, FULL METRE CUTS ONLY. 

Tips From Our Experts

Plan Your Workspace

Use the largest table top surface you can and clear enough space around the table. You need to minimise the weight of the quilt pulling down as this will weaken the stiching. 

Keep as much of the quilt on the table surface as possible!

Mistakes can be Hidden

If you select from our wide range of fabrics, think about picking a busy fabric with various colours and different angles to the shapes. 

This will help hide any stitching that is not quite perfect.

Textures for Beauty

Some of the fabric in our store has a lovely testure to it. This is perfect for quilt background where you do not want to distract from the main design, but want to add something to take away from a plain colour.